BSM wireless

1) Designed and implemented the Spark streaming project to create the vehicle on-road monitoring system for Toronto Pan Am Games in 2015
2) Worked on Data modeling, Data integration, Data Migration, ETL process and Business Intelligence to create the robust fleet management system for stakeholders.
3) Used Hadoop, Hive, Pig and Hcatalog technology to efficiently process large set data
4) Developed the project with the Jboss Fuse ESB technology to process real time data, and increase the scalability and capability for data processing, mapping
5) Drawing on Experience in all aspects of analytics/data solutions (Database issues, Data modeling, Data mapping, ETL Development, metadata management, data migration and reporting solutions)
6) Developed mappings in Talend to load the data from various sources into the Data warehouse different transformations like JAVA, Expression, Lookup, Aggregate, Update Strategy and Joiner.
7) Extensive experience for RDBMS in developing stored procedures, functions, Views and Triggers, Complex queries using SQL Server and T-SQL
8) Used Amazon EC2, Cassandra, Apache Camel, MQTT, Bigdata in multiple virtual and physical data centers to ensure the system was highly redundant and scalable
9) Used Tibco Talend Bigdata IDE to develop the related projects.
10) Used Kafka as the message broker in cluster to process the real time data in Apache Storm.

11) Created the reliable SOAP services to support data processing for multiple applications, and enhance their processing ability in windows 2003/2008 server.
12) Architect and Implement the enterprise processor to improve the stability.
13) Used the spatial database in PostGIS to improve the performance and algorithm in applications.
14) Maintained and developed new functions for the current Spring MVC website
15) Used Twitter Storm, Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra and spring technology to enhance the ability of mass data processing and analysis.
16) Used Apache Storm, Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra and spring technology to enhance the ability of mass data processing and analysis.
17) Implemented Apache Storm by Core Java to process large data in real time, it gives the great ability to increase business
18) Used Apache Storm for analytic processor to improve quality of data processing
19) Used the Hadoop by Java and Hibernate to re-processing the batch data, it enhances the ability to recover the mistake from large data
20) Used Hadoop to enhance the ability to process batch data for organizations in short time. It improves the accuracy of data and resolves the bottle neck for organization
21) Used the Cloud, Spring MVC, MSSQL, Hibernate technologies to rebuild fleet management beta site for customers to improve site performance.
22) Deliveried the stable, scalability and robust data processor in backend processing.
23) Act as project lead in R&D to make the breakdown and distribute the task to team member.
24) Developed the alarm system for PanAm game 2015 in Toronto, which is delivered the security system for designated vehicles during the game.
35) Setup and maintain the Hadoop and Apache storm econ system infrastructure, including Hadoop, hive, pig, Cassandra, zookeeper, apache storm.